Eurain is a recent graduate of the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central who is now attending Onondaga
Community College. His photos over the summer documented his transition from high school to college,
a move and family celebrations. Here he shares a collection of photos from his little brother's 5th birthday party.

  • I came to my mom’s house after I got out of work Saturday, June 7. They were having a birthday party cookout for my little brother who turned 5 years old June 2.
  • My 12-year-old brother came up with the idea of this fruit salad for the cookout. My mother’s next-door-neighbor made this with my little brother’s idea and assistance.
  • My little sister, left, and my mother’s, friend’s daughter, right.
  • A boy feeds a baby during the cookout.
  • This is my 5-year-old little brother. My mom told him to come to her so she could give him a piece of cake. She really gave him a piece of cake all right — she put the whole piece in his face.
  • My little brother again with a bunch of my little cousins. They were teasing him because my mother put the cake in his face.
  • These are all of the boxes that we have packed so far. We are moving this summer.
  • I took this picture of myself laying down on the floor, exhausted after moving all of those heavy boxes in the back for my grandmother.