Quote to Live By

“The very best place to be is in a loving family.”

This quote hangs in my mother’s kitchen, and I agree with this statement. The love my parents got from their parents, they have shown toward me.

The love my son Joshaun’s dad and I got from our parents, we show toward him.

As a mother, I think it is truly important to have positivity in a child’s life, and great characteristics is what should mostly be shown in the home. My mom grew up with her parents being together. I grew up with my parents being together and that is what my son has.

I am so proud of my parents. My dad is a veteran of the United States Army. He served 16 years in the army and fought in Desert Storm. My mom is the former President of Syracuse National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and recently was appointment by the New York State senate to serve on the Centro Transportation Board of Directors.

Both my mom and dad put great values in me that will stick for the rest of my life. My mom always tells me you can’t dwell on the past, but you have to embrace your future and run with it.

As a youngster, I made a lot of bad choices. Now as a adult, I am still making mistakes, but ones I learn from very fast. Through my learning process parenting these past five years, I have enhanced my skills in patience being the mother of a child with delays and behavior issues.

I comfort Joshaun, encourage him, discipline him in a reasonable manner, but make sure over all he is loved and feels special.

It is hard being a parent. I am sure my parents felt the same way, but with the support of Joshaun’s dad and Joshaun’s grandparents and others, I am truly blessed to not go through this journey alone.

My mom and my son are so close due to disabilities they have. My mom has vision problems, and Joshaun is in speech and occupational therapy special education. He is so smart. He knows his numbers, colors, ABC’s; he can write and spell his name as well. His disabilities will not stop him just like my mom has not let any issue stop her.

Family support is what drives and pushes us to keep going for what we want out of life. I tell my parents all the time: I am proud of them.

They say I touch their heart when I say that. One day, Joshaun will tell his dad and I how proud he is of us, and once again, I will truly know that the very best place to be is in a loving family.