My Best Shots

In our photos, we aimed to capture our family’s life on the Near Westside and specifically our community volunteer efforts. Taking pictures wasn’t an activity that came naturally, especially intimate pictures of people, except for
my son, Quincy. The purpose of my family’s efforts in our community is to create a better, safer, healthier neighborhood. The residents are what our life on the Near Westside is about.”

  • Displaying an example of our community efforts is this picture of the sign that helps to create awareness about the problem of syringe litter in our neighborhood. It reads: “Children Play Here/Drug Users: Don’t Litter Your Needles/ Children Have Been Hurt.”
  • At the Near West Side Block Party, a neighborhood friend, Cat, poses with her youngest daughter.
  • On Make Music Day, a 2nd Line Band, led by a friend of ours, marched through the Near Westside neighborhood.
  • During the Near Westside Multicultural Block Party, we captured a picture of a girl who posed for us near the basketball courts.
  • Our two-year-old smiling.