My Best Shots

I wanted to document the journey of a single-mother sending her son (first-born) off to college. Too often the media portrays young Black men raised in single-parent homes in a negative light, and I thought it was important to share our story and highlight the successful achievements of my son Yahkeef.

  • Yahkeef’s last day entering Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School as a high school student.
  • It’s almost showtime for these soon to be graduates of Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School.
  • The infamous haircut required before starting with the U.S. Air Force R.O.T.C.
  • The initial “drop off” at South Hall, GWU at 1:02 a.m. on Aug. 23rd.
  • Team George Washington University — Congratulations Yahkeef!
  • A final family picture before saying goodbye.

Ardena's Final Video

This project allowed me to capture some of the highlights of Yahkeef’s transition from high school to college, but what it doesn’t portray is the “village” that supported him. Yahkeef and I could not have made the successful transition without our family and friends. This project is a token of appreciation to our loved ones and the staff at S.A.S.C.S. — Thank you!