My Best Shots

In my photos, you will see quiet, contemplative and joyous moments. Above all, I hope you see love.

  • Summer love in the ‘Cuse. My grandson Kyren serves up ice cream, while his father, Karesaun, serves up kisses.
  • There’s history in a look, and there’s history in a book. Linda Tunura Barbour admires “Reflections in Black: a History of Black Photographers, 1840 to the Present,” while seated in the Sankofa Room of the Beauchamp Branch Library.
  • What must life be like through the eyes of a child? Could Govanni perhaps be watching his father, cousin Ronnie, and little brother Shomir? Or is he taking in the scenes at Six Flags Great Adventure during the Canery-Clark Family Reunion.
  • Over the Fourth of July weekend, cousin Ronnie and son, Shomir, enjoyed a stroll at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ while celebrating the Canery-Clark Family Reunion.
  • Bicycle, bubbles and bliss. My grandson Kyren’s blissful look comes from the joy of a bubble celebration after learning to ride his bicycle.
  • Here: In the quiet of the early morning, while savoring his morning coffee, my husband Keith studies “Fire and Life Safety” education even though he’s off work recovering from surgery.