My Best Shots

It has been an amazing journey being a part of the “From Where We Stand” project. Everyone in my displayed pictures means the world to me. I focused on documenting my family — their accomplishments, the love they share and to show how proud I am of them.

  • My mom and I are very close and the picture of us shows a couple accomplishments from the year. One of me holding an award I won from The Media Unit for writing achievement. I wrote and was featured in a PSA on suicide prevention called “Hear My Call.” My mom is holding up the Syracuse Women’s Magazine article she and I were featured in where we discussed her advocacy work.
  • My son Joshaun plays bubbles with his father, Joe. This is just one example of every day happiness those two share. On this day, his dad bought him a bubble machine and a Jake the Pirate tent. It made Joshaun’s day. Also, Joe has Joshaun’s name tattooed on his arm, and Joshaun loves spelling out his name each day, reading it off of his dad’s arm.
  • A portrait of my parents. My dad is a veteran of the United States Army. He served 16 years and fought in Desert Storm. My mom is the former President of Syracuse’s NAACP, and recently was appointment to the Centro Transportation Board.
  • At my sister’s graduation from nursing school my family was all there to support her.