My Best Shots

Ceikaiyia is a Corcoran High School student. She says as a visual person who has a creative imagination, I tend to think that way. Theses pictures here that I have taken, tell their own story as well. Some people will see  it differently but to me, I see important stories that often are not recognized. And I want to change that. Thanks to this program, I was able to see meaning of what I captured. It’s not because I want it as a wallpaper on my phone; there has to be a reason I’m so drawn to it. At first, I didn’t know what that was, but when I came to this program and learned a lot from my mentors, I finally knew that ‘it’ told an interesting story.




  • Ceikaiyia with her camera, which she says has taught her the true value of family.
  • Ceikaiyia with her mother Felicia.
  • Ceikaiyia admires the Jerry Rescue Monument in Syracuse's Clinton Square.
  • Self-portrait with graffiti in the background.

Final Video Project

Ceikaiyia Cheeks' Story

Ceikaiyia Cheeks worked with Mentor Bill Storm on the From Where We Stand Summer Series as part of The South Side Newspaper Project. Ceikaiyia is a Corcoran High School student. She says family means to her a group of people coming together to help each other out through difficult trials or situations. She says: “I learned the true value of family thanks to my camera.”