About this Project :: From Where We Stand


Our goal with "From Where We Stand" is to put real families behind the camera in order for them to tell their own stories and have their voices heard. Under the direction and guidance of a mentor, their stories can range from showcasing a typical dinner conversation to sharing family and cultural traditions, recording family milestones and moments across generations. We share their stories with the wider community by publishing them online. Greater coverage will be shared through a partnership with WCNY, and finally a celebratory event set for September 2014 will showcase final works to the public.

In particular, we're spotlighting life on Syracuse's South and West Sides.

One mission will be to combat stereotypes about these neighborhoods. But the bigger one is simply to tell stories. There are eight participants in the project, each with a professional mentor.

The project is visual in nature — but writing is encouraged too. Each of the eight participants received a brand-new camera and two lenses, a tripod and a bag: Theirs to keep.

But more importantly, the pairing with professional mentors offers everyone the chance to learn new skills, and the difference between simply taking pictures and telling a story.