Face Value?

Often times we are caught judging a book by its cover or we are too busy to stop and take a moment. Though, if we were to allow ourselves to not judge or stop and consider, take it all in, there is undoubtedly so much more beneath the surface.

Face Value? pauses for three.

  • Innocence/Risk


    This picture captures children riding bikes, innocently having fun in front of their home. A deeper understanding of the shot is the risk associated with this neighborhood. The yellowish/ green sign on the telephone pole is a warning about syringe litter, an item often found in this neighborhood, likely used by an addict, and could contain HIV or Hepatitis C. -- Karaline
  • Playful Stranger

    Playful Stranger

    I’ve been warned that a white woman walking around on the Near Westside with a camera could be perceived by others as ‘police’. For this reason, I found myself cautious of what and who I am capturing and who is around, watching me, so to not look suspicious. This young man caught me by surprise, playing with me to take his picture. Not being used to that interaction, and not being used to having a camera, I pause in thought for a moment, and then took the shot. It was an unexpected, fun moment, defying face value of the white woman with a camera in the hood. -- Karaline
  • Sharing Bike Joy

    Sharing Bike Joy

    This picture captures faces of joy sharing the value of a good bike. Tim, a neighbor of ours, shares a moment assisting at a bike giveaway to laugh with a church woman gladly accepting the bike. On the surface a woman of the maturity might not be someone you expect to be riding around, but one of the major modes of transportation for our neighborhood is bicycles. -- Isaac