Faith & Hope

The story I would like to present is on the Faith Hope Community Center. It has facilities for boxing, basketball, weight training, treadmills, as well as a family center.

It is apart of my family; it is a place where I once took my son in hopes of curving a gang-style relationship with the street.

Unfortunately he was unable to deal with the discipline and dedication it took to do what was right. Yet he had the energy and loyalty to carry guns in the street.

He is now in the prison system for crimes of such.

My plan this summer is to show the much needed support of this center, that is in the center of the city of Syracuse. I want to showcase the people who help these kids to stay on the right track and how much they appreciate a beautiful atmosphere.

My goals and the goals of the mentors at this center is to show these children not to make the mistakes that some of us have made.